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alice November 20, 2000 04:37

Help: user defined function

I'm using user defined function as boundary condition at velocity inlet. I try to define a periodic velocity profile such as: v=V*(1+Asinwt) where t=n*dt and dt is the step time value, n the iteration number (sum(n)=total number of iterations).

Can anyone of you tell me what are the pointers for this variables in Fluent5.3?

Thanks for help.


Greg Perkins November 20, 2000 20:00

Re: Help: user defined function
time = RP_Get_Real("flow-time") is current time in seconds

niter = (nres == 0) ? (0) : ((int) count2[nres - 1]); returns current iteration number in niter.



alice November 21, 2000 03:50

Re: Help: user defined function
Thanks for help.


Dan Williams December 13, 2000 01:10

Re: Help: user defined function
Unbelievable. You actually have to use a user defined function and recompile the code to do this?? Bizzare. Get a copy of CFX5.


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