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Eric December 3, 2000 00:06

turbulence kinetic energy?
What is the formula to define the turbulence kinetic energy and turbulence dissipation rate? I am using the k-epsilon and VOF model? Thanks for any suggestion.

Maurizio Barbato December 3, 2000 11:41

Re: turbulence kinetic energy?

a good guess is:

k = 1.5 * (U * TI)^2 [m^2/s^2]

eps = Cmu^0.75 * (k^1.5 / (0.07 * L)) [m^2/s^3]


U is the average (reference) velocity [m/s]

TI is the turbulent intensity which depends on the case (e.g. = 0.10 means turbulence that velocity turbulent fluctuations have an aplitude which is 10% of the average velocity)

Cmu = 0.09 is a constant

L is a characteristic dimension which depends on the case (e.g. tube diameter) [m]

I hope this helps.



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