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carlos December 4, 2000 02:24

mirrored images
Can anyone help, I want to get rid of the original image that has been mirrored. ie. I am only interested in the mirrored image for comparison purposes. Can you do this in FLUENT? Thanks


Clinton Lafferty December 4, 2000 21:34

Re: mirrored images
Is it possible to rotate the images instead of mirroring. Typically the mirror feature is use when you have half (due to symmetry, etc) and would like to see both halves together.

carlos December 5, 2000 19:48

Re: mirrored images
I've tried rotating them and the perspective is all wrong. I was hoping fluent had some from of 'flip' command or something but obviuously it hasnt. I've got the images i needed using paintshop pro...

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