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lr December 8, 2000 08:44

Unkown about UDF

In the course of making udf, i find there is some macros which is never mentioned in the Fluent5.4'guide book or document's CD, except shown in its example. because i a new user who is to add some scalar transport equation into the program and use udf to modify the scalar new the boundary (wall) , so, how can i get the full reference of these macros such as :FLUID_THREAD_P(t0) , if (NULLP(T_STORAGE_R_NV(t0,SV_UDSI_G(P1)))), WALL_TEMP_OUTER(f,thread) and others

Your help is greatly appreciated!

my email :


Lasse Rosendahl December 11, 2000 08:47

Re: Unkown about UDF

are you using interpreted or compiled UDF's? If you are referencing Fluent structures, you need to use compiled UDF's.



lr December 12, 2000 04:35

Re: Unkown about UDF
hello Lasse:

thank you greately for your information.

I am intended using Compile's UDF,but some macros using to acquire the varible and boudary geometry is unknown to me. and it is the bigest obstacle in my way. who can help me to fix this problem?

best regards. lr

Lasse Rosendahl December 12, 2000 04:42

Re: Unkown about UDF
Hi again,

variable and macro documentation is not very good. I think the only way to really determine which variables to use is to look in the header files.

Fluent has a User Services Centre, where you can find a FAQ, documentation and updates. Your license administrator should have a password for that site.

Best regards,



yeun soo kim December 20, 2000 04:26

Re: Unkown about UDF

lr December 20, 2000 21:02

Re: Unkown about UDF
hi Lasse:

thank you again! I will try____for the CFD


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