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G.Balakrishnan December 8, 2000 14:27

now i am working on numerical simulation of 2D jet impingement wall heat transfer on a concave surface. I am using Reynolds stress model and STEADY STATE solution. I am able to get results to within 15 % of experimental data.

I want to know whether it is fundamentally wrong to use STEADY STATE solution to the jet impingement problem or is it acceptable?. Is there any flow feature in this problem that makes the steady state simulation unacceptable?.

Any comments will be highly useful. With thanks.

John C. Chien December 9, 2000 13:17

(1). As I said in the e-mail to you, the steady-state solution is all right and is normally done in this case. (2).Usually, in comparison with the test data, one is interested in both the "trend", or the "shape", or the "profile", and the "absolute value" of the solution. (3). So, even if your prediction is within 15% of the test data, it is a good idea to check the solution profile shape around the stagnation point region. This is the region, where there were some difficulties reported using various turbulence models. (4). You can also use the time-dependent approach to check the results. It would be interesting to know whether you will be able to get the similar results or not.

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