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Abhijit Joshi December 12, 2000 12:22

VOF for a bubble

I am using FLUENT for solving a two-phase flow with interfacial tension. Just to test things, I initially set up a problem involving a circular bubble of FLUID-2 inside a large box containing FLUID-1. There are no body forces like gravity present. And the flow is two-dimensional (2-D).

I expected FLUENT to come out without doing too much time-integration since the shape is already in equilibrium. However, some velocity gets generated which is not decaying as time progresses....The shape of the interface remains circular but the velocity magnitude contours start to get assymetric and I'm not sure what will happen if I allow the time integration to proceed indefinitely.

Any explanations ?

Thanks in advance,

- Abhijit

Dave December 18, 2000 17:28

Re: VOF for a bubble
Try to use

1) Iteration in every iteration for time dependent problem 2) Check the surface tension whether you have your correct value.


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