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Daniela December 19, 2000 06:49

Defining cutting planes

I try to transform a cutting plane generated with the plane tool along the x-axis. But the generated plane isn't an even cut through the volume but follows the surface of the adjacend cells and covers only parts of the cross section.

Any help with this problem will be welcome. Thanks!

Phil December 19, 2000 07:01

Re: Defining cutting planes
Normally you need 3 coordinates for defining the plane. The reason for your cutted plane might be, that the plane tool only cuts in the plane of the inside of the volume. If some parts of the plane are outside, the plane will be cutted, because no mesh defines the space outside your volume. This can happen if you have a curved surface!

Hope that explains your problem!

Regards Phil

Daniela December 19, 2000 09:10

Re: Defining cutting planes
Hi Phil and all the others!

Thanks for your prompt answer. I think my problem is different. My geometry looks like a long zylinder. I defined a cross sectional cutting plane in the middle by means of the Plane Tool and Bounded (not to cut adjacent geometries). I need to copy this plane by the "Transform" option to negative and positive direction but only the positive direction works. The generated planes should be shapes like a circle with absolutely plane surface. But although the original plane is defined big enough only parts of the circle are showed and the surface looks like "valley and hills" (according to the shape of the tetrahedral volume elements). All other possibilities (Iso-distance, Aligne with surface) failed.

Regards, Daniela

Sandeep December 19, 2000 09:13

Re: Defining cutting planes
I have had this kind of problem to and I am looking for some answers. In my case the only way to solve this problem was i had to go back and define to seperate plane at the distances i wanted and then use a bunch of isoclip operations to get the final plane i needed.

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