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Li December 29, 2000 08:33

Result is not correct
Dear all:

I met the problem in my project. In my case, the coaxial fuel/air burner is equipped in the axial of industrial furnace. I used the k-eps turbulent model and finite-rate/eddy-dissipation combustion model. The result is seemed in satisfactory. However, when I added DTRM radiation model, the result is crazy. The temperature distribution in centreline is higher than the result without radiation model. I didn't find the problem in the definition of my case.

The grid is generated in Fluent4.5 and the case is carried out in Fluent 5.4.

Any advice is welcome. Thanks lot.


John C. Chien December 30, 2000 01:21

Re: Result is not correct
(1). I would contact the vendor's support engineer first, to determine whether the code CAN handle your type of problem or not. Otherwise, you will be wasting a lot of your time fooling around with a black box. (2). If you don't find a similar tutorial example, then you will have to work out the solution on you own, with the help from the support engineers, assuming that they think it can be done.

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