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lizihujx January 1, 2001 22:15

burning of solid fuel

Happy new year.

Happy new century.

I am applying fluent5.4 to simulate the burning of solid fuel .The solid fuel is vaporized to gas,which will react with O2 on boundary layer.My task is to get the fuel surface regression rate. Vaporizing of the fuel is primarily sustained by the rate of heat transfering from gas to the surface by conduction and radiation. The surface regression rate depends on the fuel surface tmperature. And mass transfer from the surface to the boundary layer.

If I define the fuel surface as mass inlet ,I cannot model heat transfering from boundary layer to fuel surface.If I define the fuel sueface as wall, I cannot model mass transfering from fuel surface to boundary layer. I don't how to define the boundary condition of the interface between the compressible fluid and fuel.

How can I solve it?

Thank you.

lizihujx 2001/1/2

Jin-Wook LEE January 2, 2001 00:32

Re: burning of solid fuel
Now, I could understand your problem roughly, not exactly. Anyway, I think that there might be couple of 'APPROXIMATE' modeling approach. For example,

1. You define the surface as mass inlet and set the inlet emmisivity as that of real material. Then, Fluent calculates radiative heat transfer rate from the gas to the inlet. Fluent's default value is 1.

2. How about define mass(fuel) source near the surface region and define the surface as wall ? Then Fluent can calculate the heat transfer rate to the surface because the surface is now wall. I have similar experience for another application and it might be fairly good assumption.

Sincerely, Jinwook

lizihujx January 2, 2001 04:34

Re: burning of solid fuel
Mr Lee:

Thank you. I thank it would give me much help.

Stanley January 2, 2001 20:12

Re: burning of solid fuel
I am just being inquisitive... What type of solid fuel combustion are you modelling... Is it a single particle combustion or a bed combustion???

lizihujx January 4, 2001 05:02

Re: burning of solid fuel

It is a bed combustion.The solid fuel is about 250mm.

Stanley January 10, 2001 19:54

Re: burning of solid fuel
Your work is more or less very related to the work of Saastamoinen et al... I think the paper they published recently in Combustion and Flame Vol. 123)pp. 214-226 will be very helpful.

Regards, Stanley

lizihujx January 11, 2001 22:43

Re: burning of solid fuel
Mr Stanley:

Thank you for your reply.Could you tell me the title of the paper? Now I cannot find Combustion And Flame VOL.123.Could you send me one if you have a copy .

Thank you.

Stanley January 15, 2001 16:50

Re: burning of solid fuel
Hi Lizi,

I have sent you a copy of that paper to your email... I hope that you have received them by now... please advise.

Regards, Stanley

gorkem September 19, 2012 08:50

Hello, I have a work that similar this simulation. Which multiphase model did you use and why ?

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