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Elton January 9, 2001 11:00

Dear All,

I am now simulating air flow patern driven by buoyancy. Could anyone tell me what turbulence model should I use and what should I do with other definitions in fluent 4.5. Thanks a lot.

Evan Rosenbaum January 9, 2001 13:31

Re: Buoyancy
Elton, we've gotten good results for buoyancy-driven air flows using the standard kappa-epsilon turbulence model. Don't use the Bousinnesq approximation with buoyancy unless you have really small temperature gradients.

Elton January 10, 2001 09:11

Re: Buoyancy
Hi Evan,

Thanks for your response. Could you tell me what fluent code are you using because fluent 4.5 doesn't have standard Kappa-epsilon turbulence model.

Evan Rosenbaum January 10, 2001 13:22

Re: Buoyancy
We've used FLUENT 4.32, 4.48, 5.1 and 5.4.8.

Clinton Lafferty January 10, 2001 15:34

kappa-epsilon? Are you refering to the k-epsilon turbulence model based on kinetic energy and turbulent dissipation? If not, please provide a reference.

Thanks, Clinton

Elton January 11, 2001 08:30

Re: Kappa-Epsilon??
Yes, I got you. Kappa-epsilon is K-e turbulence model.

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