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Billy January 9, 2001 11:07

Solid-Liquid-Gas mixing Tank by FLUENT..possible??
To all FLUENT user,

Can FLUENT simulate the mixing tank that have 3 phases involved? 1.solid particle(0.3 vol frac-so it's a non-dilute system,and Eulerian model is prefered, 0.0035mm in diameter. 2.water as continuous phase. 3.gas released from sparger.

Someone told me that FLUENT4 has a full eulerian multiphase model able to deal with multi phases but all the additional phases should be of the same type(e.g. gas with different classes of liquid droplets, liquid with different classes of bubbles,gas or liquid with different classes of solid particles).

How about your experience?...please suggest me.

P.S...keep in mind that FLUENT 5 has no Eulerian multiphase model.

Thanks you for your reading and suggestion


Billy January 10, 2001 11:03

make correction
the particle diameter is 0.0035 m, not mm


alain January 11, 2001 05:47

Re: Solid-Liquid-Gas mixing Tank by FLUENT..possib
hi billy,

It's true that FLUENT 4 as a quite powerfull Eulerian model for multiphases simulation. You can deal with as many phases as you want but i can't remember about the limitation that all secondary phases should be of the same type. If this limitation actuelly exists you can turnaround it by treating the gaz bubbles as a lagrangien phase. This model is suitable because your bubbles are certainly dispersed and have a limited residence time in the mixing tank. You will have to modify the drag law of the particle with user defined sub routine because bubbles don't act as particle due to their deformation. I think you can find many articles on this kind of simulation.

Nevertheless you must have in mind that multiphases flows are higly non linear and unstable. Convergence may be very difficult to obtain expecially in a mixing tank because of the rotation.

I have made some simulation of this kind of flow so don't hesitate to send me an email if you need any further details.

best regards


Billy January 11, 2001 08:47

Re: Solid-Liquid-Gas mixing Tank by FLUENT..possib
Thanks for your advice. I will try on it.But you mean treating bubbles with Lagrangian DP model at the same time as treating solid particle with Eulerian model in one simulation?? Actually I hardly found any article showing how to model this kind of simulation.Suggest me some of them you think I should read,please.



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