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Sunpeth Cumnuantip January 13, 2001 12:48

What CFD code that FLUENT USE?
Hello everyone.

I am a new CFD user..well my prof want me to find out which CFD code that FLUENT use ?What kind of basic code that the FLUENT use and what kind of method that FLUENT use to solve for the flow properties(P, velocity ,..e.t.c.)...I mean they use Finite Different or Finite Volume approach??.

I am a new user here so please help me!

Anyopenion is appreaciated

Best Regard

Sunpeth Cumnuantip

Clinton Lafferty January 13, 2001 13:12

Re: FLUENT algorithms
FLUENT is a general purpose CFD code, so to describe ever component here would take lots of space. I would encourage you to visit, which will probably leave you with more questions. You can email or call their technical support or application engineers about product literature (addresses and numbers on the website).

John C. Chien January 13, 2001 14:41

Re: FLUENT algorithms
(1). I think, Fluent is a commercial name. (2). I am not aware of the law which requires the disclosure of the methods used in the commercial codes. (3). After all, they do not provide warranty either. So, in the free market, it is user-take-the risk. (4). In educational institutions, I think, it is a joke to use commercial CFD codes, because your professor will be asking you to find out something which is not available from a black box. (you are learning CFD from the professor?) No one knows what is in a commercial CFD code, not even the sales engineer, because it is a black box and there is no way of verifying the content of it. (5). Spend your time in C++ or JAVA, but not in information about the black box.

Vivi January 14, 2001 01:24

Re: FLUENT algorithms
Fluent use Finite Volume Approach.

I agree with John's opinion no.4 if your research is about CFD code or CFD algorithm (you should not use Fluent or any other CFD commercial package).

However, if your research is about something else and you need CFD to support your analysis, then I think you should not think about writing your own code. Take Fluent ! it will save your time.

What do you think John ?

John C. Chien January 14, 2001 05:51

Re: FLUENT algorithms
(1). I agree with you. But normally, I got paid to use the commercial codes. (2). I think, a better way to get the information about the code is to talk to the support engineers. I am sure that they can send a copy of brochure with the right information in it. (3). In this way, at least, he can get a passing grade.

Cary Bachman January 17, 2001 11:08

Re: FLUENT algorithms
The Fluent web-site only provides a moderate description of the product. Having used Fluent, I can tell you that the user's manual is detailed enough to get an understanding of the methods. In general, Fluent can best be described as using a control volume approach with extensive linearizations of the governing equations to speed up the algorithms. Its basically zeroth to first order in terms of classical numerical descriptions of accuracy. Call a Fluent representative and ask them to send a detailed product description.

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