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olivia January 14, 2001 00:30

error message ACCESS_VIOLATION
When I run fluent 5.4 in my computer . sometimes I will get error message : FLUENT received fatal signal (ACCESS_VIOLATION)

If anyone know why I will get this message? How I can solve this problem ? May this will effect my solution.

del January 15, 2001 14:44

Re: error message ACCESS_VIOLATION
It happens usually on NT right?

olivia January 15, 2001 16:38

Re: error message ACCESS_VIOLATION
Yes,I happens in win2000 Do you some way to solve it

alice January 19, 2001 04:02

Re: error message ACCESS_VIOLATION

I also have those problems with Fluent 5.3 on a UNIX machine. I don't have a clue of what that could mean but I'm pretty sure that it's highly annoying!! I was first thinking of some convergence problem but I now use the simplest schemeswith rather low relaxation factors. An anyway, for convergence problem I usually get some other form of message.

Can anybody help us about that. What does that mean exactly? How to solve it?

John C. Chien January 19, 2001 08:05

Re: error message ACCESS_VIOLATION
(1). I think, if it says error message, then there is something wrong. (2). If you don't know the source of it, then it is an unknown bug. I would suggest that you talk to the support engineers to identify the source of it, and see whether they know how to fix it or not. There is nothing I can do about it.

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