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carlos January 14, 2001 21:54

using Tgrid to join meshes

I have a 3 volume model set up and have been trying to use TGrid to join the meshes. The interfaces are linked and have the same meshes on both faces so it wouild seem to be no problem in joining them. However, as I am not familiar with TGrid, I am unsure as to how to go about joining the meshes properly. THe model i attempted to join with Tgrid i ran in fluent and got all sort of problems( divergence, reversed flows).

Thanks for any help

Angus Duncan January 22, 2001 04:50

Re: using Tgrid to join meshes

If the shared faces are completely identical then use the 'fuse' command in FLUENT, under >Grid >Fuse. FLUENT fuses the walls and converts the resultant fuse into an interior.


Shyam Kishor January 24, 2001 11:44

Re: using Tgrid to join meshes
You can use Boundary -> Nodes -> Merge in Tgrid to merge all the duplicate nodes at the interfaces, after reading all the mesh files together. Then, change the boundary type of the interfaces from "wall" to "interior" if appropriate.

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