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alice January 16, 2001 06:03

Gambit: versions compatibility
Hi gambit users, I need your help. I have created a geometry with Gambit 1.3 (by importing a Parasolid) but I need now to read it on Gambit 1.2. The problem is I get an error message: "this database was not properly closed". I have resaved the session with the version 1.3 and tried again with 1.2 but the error is still displayed. Does any of you know how to make the two versions compatible?

Any information is welcome, Regards.

Shyam Kishor January 24, 2001 11:31

Re: Gambit: versions compatibility
You can read a dbs file from an older version into a new one, but not the other way around.

You should export the geometry from Gambit1.3 as an ACIS file, and then import it back in Gambit1.2. Please make sure to specify the ACIS version as "5.0" during export in Gambit 1.3, to make it compatible with that of Gambit 1.2.

alice January 31, 2001 09:27

Re: Gambit: versions compatibility
Thanks for the advice. I tried and it worked fine.


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