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Raza Mirza January 17, 2001 21:55

Merging .msh files in TGrid

I am trying to read 3 .msh files in TGrid. All three files are individually OK and can be read in as seperate files. However when I try to read all three of them together TGrid reports that one of the files (which happens to be the largest of the three) is not found! The file definitely exists and can be read individually. Some more facts:

1. The two smaller files combine for a total of about 0.5 million cells (hex cells). These files were created externally. I just have them.

2. The thrid file has a total of about 3.75 million cells. about 3.4 millions tets and rest prisms. this i created in TGrid.

3. As I said I can read the large file individually without problem

4. I have successfully read in similar files more than a dozen times. However, this last one is slightly bigger than what I was using earlier (about 0.2 million cells more).

5. I have contacted Fluent's User Support and they will come up with some reason and solution, but I am in a hurry. So I need to find out if anyone has already dealt with a similar problem.

Has anyone seen such a problem. If yes, do you know the solution. The only real difference between this case and all the cases I have done earlier is a slightly larger size of the big file. But that should not create a problem in finding the file! Also I do not have any disk space or memory problem.

Mike Henneke January 17, 2001 23:18

Re: Merging .msh files in TGrid
Since your in a hurry, I'll suggest you try using "tfilter tmerge3d" to assemble the mesh. I don't use tgrid anymore but I do use tfilter to put multiple meshes together and haven't had the sort of problem you describe.

Good luck!! Mike

Raza Mirza January 18, 2001 19:09

Re: Merging .msh files in TGrid

Thanks for your reply. Actually when I am reading multiple files in TGrid, it actually invokes "tfilter tmerge3d".

Anyway, I found a workaround. I read in the probematic file alone in TGrid. Then after reading it, I removed all my files from my directory using the unis 'rm' command. Then I resaved the file. Then I was able to read all the files together. Don't have a clue as to why it was not working earlier. anyway i tried this because it was one of the two differences between the cases in which i was succesfull and in which i was not. so removed the difference and got success again.

i too had not had any problems before this one.

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