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Martin January 18, 2001 15:18

Conjugate Heat Transfer in 3D
Hi. Any help would be appriciated on the following: I'm using Fluent 5.4 and have a 3D model representing a quarter (90degrees periodicity) of an electrical machine. I'm using the MRF model for motion. The stator mesh is fluid zone only, the rotor mesh consists of one fluid zone and 5 solid zones, representing different steel and copper parts. The periodics are only on the fluid zones. I set up the volumetric heat generation rate in two of the solids (copper windings) where the heat losses are. The flow solution is ok, but unfortunately no heat flux from the solids to the fluid or to another solids. Prior to this I successfully modelled the same thing in 2D using Fluent 5.3. Thanks for any comment.

Ashutosh Joshi January 19, 2001 02:22

Re: Conjugate Heat Transfer in 3D
Check up the walls whether they are coupled or not. If they are coupled you can see them in your boundary-conditions. The internal walls should have shadow walls to transfer heat from one medium to other.


Martin January 19, 2001 05:20

Re: Conjugate Heat Transfer in 3D
Thanks for your interest. All internal walls have shadows and are coupled, majority of them modelled with approx. 1mm thickness as well and with properties of insulation. I wonder whether the rotation might represent a problem for the energy equation for the solids. I specified the same rotational speed for the solids as is for the rotor fluid zone.

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