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john January 19, 2001 17:09

HI, does anybody know why I get the error massage below in gambit when I want to export the mesh? "The gambit neutral file was written instead of the requested FLUENT file.Exit GAMBIT and run tfilter to convert the neutral file to FLUENT file." does that mean sth is wrong with the mesh or what? I tried to convert the file in tfilter but couldn't. thanks in advance

Tschumperle D. January 24, 2001 06:40

Re: tfilter?!!
Hi John This happened to me once, because the mesh i had done was too large and my workstation had not enough memory to handle it.

Volker Pawlik February 2, 2001 04:09

Re: tfilter?!!
Hi John, when this happened to me something was wrong with the mesh. E.g. two edges lie on each other and are not connected; or the geometry is corruppted and so is the mesh. The best is to start from the beginning and to assure that the geometry (is it imported?) is completely ok. Try healing the geometry. Mostly you will a get an error message if is indeed wrong.


john February 2, 2001 19:39

Re: tfilter?!!
Thanks guys for your suggestions,actually I figured out what was the problem.I was using a high order meshing scheme and Fluent doesn't accept that. john

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