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I. Dotsikas January 22, 2001 08:25

Diskretisation in 3D
Hi everybody, is it true that Fluent uses the Power Low diskretisation (introduced by S. Patankar) as the standard Diskretisation scheme in 3D flow simulations? Which other Disketisation schemes does Fluent use? I' ve never used Fluent and I don't have access to any Fluent Manuals! thanks in Advance

Jannis Dotsikas

John C. Chien January 22, 2001 16:22

Re: Diskretisation in 3D
(1). I am not using the code now, but I have used it for a couple of years. (2). I have never paid attention to the methods used in the code. Most of the time, I was busy trying to create a successful mesh, and trying to obtained a converged solution. (3). The Patankar's method was based on the structured, finite volume method using staggered mesh. But in the Fluent code, it is unstructured, non-staggered finite volume, I think. (The old Fluent code was based on structured mesh.)

Martin January 25, 2001 18:03

Re: Discretisation in 3D
Hi. Power law discretization scheme is one of four discretization schemes available for momentum, energy and turbulence equations in Fluent5. The default one is the First order upwind scheme, other options are second order upwind scheme, Power Law Scheme and QUICK discretization scheme.

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