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V.Kiran January 24, 2001 07:07

Geometric Modelling problems
Dear sir/Madam, I am working on fluent for the past 10 months.In this period i mainly dealed with 2-d problems.Now i am working on a three dimensional problem.I am founding some difficulties in modelling the problem.So kindly give your suggetions for the problrm which is described in brief here after... My problem is a sparger tube which consists of 1000 holes around its surface. 1)How to create holes on the surface of the cylinder directly.Here i am following some method of splitting and uniting for creating holes on the cylinder surface. i want to know whether any direct method is there in Gambit. 2)Second thing is i had to insert the cylinder with holes into an other cylinder.Here i am finding the mesh problems.So kindly suggest the meshing criteria for the problem. Waiting for your response.... Thanking you, V.Kiran, FCRI,Palakakad.

Sandeep January 24, 2001 11:55

Re: Geometric Modelling problems
I did it this way (may be there is a better way to do it)

1) Create a vertical cylinder +Y direction (which is basically your sparger tube)

2) Create a horizontal cylinders (Z centered) which has a diameter = hole diameter that you want on the tube and length which is > than the diameter of the cylinder created in step 1. Move this cylinder in + Y direction to whatever location you want your 1st row of holes on the sparger to be.

3) Split 1 with cylinder 2 (Bi-directional split). Unite the middle cylinder that is created a as a result of the split with the cylinder in step 1.

4) Delete the side cylinders (uncheck the lower geometry option so that you keep the face)

5) split volume option: take the cylinder in step 1 and split it with the faces created in step That way u create the sparger holes. Repeat this procedure along the circumference and along the length of the cylinder in step 1.

There might be a better way to do it. Any suggestions ?

V.Kiran January 29, 2001 00:57

Re: Geometric Modelling problems
Dear Sandeep, Thank you very much.I had also followed the same method to create holes on the cylinder.I also requested you one more question about mesh criteria... Here i am giving the details.... After creating the sparger tube with thousand holes, i should insert that sparger tube in a cylinder which is 4 times the dia of sparger.... My doubt is how i should mesh the above problem, i mean what is the step by step criteria.Here i had been tried with different methods where i couldn't suceed to mesh.As meshing is the important step for all fluid dynamics problem, kindly give your suggestions..... Thank you very much for your previous response... Bye, Kiran

Sandeep January 29, 2001 09:16

Re: Geometric Modelling problems
I dont think you have a whole lot of options. tet mesh would be best bet considering you have thousands of holes on your sparger tube.

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