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Prateep Chatterjee January 24, 2001 15:45

Rake Creation Problem
I've graduated from Fluent 5.3 to ver 5.5. Still encounter problems with generating rakes/lines. I'm trying to generate a rake of, say x_min = -0.019 m & x_max = 0.019 m (z fixed), but when I plot data with the xy plot option (and also export data to files), I observe that x_min & x_max change to ~ -0.014 m and 0.014 m respectively.

I'm unable get the exact dimensions to appear even if I increase the x_min & x_max values to say -0.025 m & 0.025 m resp. - the final result remains the same. I'm pretty sure that the dimension that I choose are correct (I can see the line/rake along with the geometry and their positions and dimensions look fine).

Any suggestions anybody ?

Volker Pawlik February 2, 2001 04:14

Re: Rake Creation Problem

the dimensions for the rake/line always take the limit of the domain. The ccordinates you supply only define the direction. Hence to limit the rake to you have to use the clip-surfcae function.


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