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Ashutosh Joshi January 29, 2001 07:19

RE: Radiation model
Hi Fluent users, I am modeling a natural convection /radiation cooling problem and using DO radiation model. I have some surfaces with combination of specular and diffused radiation. Also I have solids like glass semi-transparent)in my model. 1)Can some body suggest me what kind of boundary condictions I should put for the surfaces having specular as well as diffused radiation? 2)How do I input the material properties ( refractive index etc) of semi-transparent medium?

3)Kindly suggest me the way to put the boundary condition for these kind of surfaces. I hope some users must have done it before.



D. Tschumperle January 30, 2001 11:50

Re: RE: Radiation model
You can see the answer to all your questions in the Fluent Users Manual See section 10.7.6

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