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atholl February 1, 2001 11:13

pressure drop
Hi folks, I'm modelling the flow of water through a pipe and was wondering if there is any provision for calculating the pressure drop along the pipe in Fluent? (is it somewhere in the 'report' menu?) I've done the calculations on paper and want to compare my results with Fluent. Any answers would be appreciated.

Jin-Wook LEE February 2, 2001 02:52

Re: pressure drop
Report --> Surface Integral

Options : Area(or Mass-Average)

Field Variables : Pressure (Static, Dynamic or Total as for your purpose)

Sincerely, Jinwook

Biblo February 2, 2001 16:43

Re: pressure drop
You could create specific points along a line and find out the value of pressure at those points. Use that to calculate dp/dx.

From pull down menu

SURFACE --> POINT (create points)


PLOT --> XY PLOT ( choose write to file option)

This will write pressure at specific points you selected in the domain into a file.

Let me know if you able to match the calculations on paper. I was off by a good 20%. Also I couldn't get mesh independent results.

Good Luck !

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