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FP Mie February 8, 2001 12:58

Gambit meshing
Guys I'm trying to mesh the surface only of a 'torpedo' shaped object. The volume was created by drawing half of a 2D airfoil, and rotating it about 360, about the x axis. When I try to mesh it, no matter what interval count I use, the mesher goes to 99% done, and then the number of elements climbs to 100000, and the program seems to stop. Has anyone had this problem ,and if so, does anyone know how I should try meshing it? Thanks in advance FP

Harry February 9, 2001 08:07

Re: Gambit meshing
i think you should divide your object into pieces, then try to mesh in coarse mesh

Shyam Kishor February 9, 2001 12:37

Re: Gambit meshing
You should change the default to increase the number of triangles allowed (100,000) on a single geometrical face. EDIT Defaults -> Mesh -> Trimesh -> Max_faces. You can either assign a higher value or "-1", which means no limit.

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