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FP Mie February 13, 2001 15:30

Fluent Numerical methods
Guys I'm close to finishing my thesis, but require more information on HOW Fluent solves problems. I've read whats on the fluentusers site (online presentation etc.), but still need more info. Does anyone know of good resources, on line or in books, where I could find out more? Thanks FP

alice February 14, 2001 09:17

Re: Fluent Numerical methods
Hi FP,

For online informations you can download some Nasa Technical reports at , and choosing NACA (full text). Or go to, that is the National Center for Turbulence Research in the US.

Actually I think that the most important things to know about CFD are still in books:

One that you should read, and I think it's a common reference, is the "Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer" by Tannehill, Anderson and Pletcher, Taylor and Francis editions, ISBN: 1-56032-046-X

For more informations about mathematical schemes involved in CFD you can also have a look to another great reference : "Numerical Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow", by Patankar. ISBN: 0-07048-740-5

Have fun and good luck for your PhD.


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