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lizihujx February 13, 2001 20:40

about finite reaction model in fluent

I want to use finite rate reaction model to simulate the burning of carbon-monoxide(CO) and oxygen(O2),including backward reaction.

If someone know the Pre-exponential Factor and Activation Energy(j/kgmol),please tell me. Thank you.

Thank you.

lizihujx 2000.2.14

Greg Perkins February 14, 2001 20:22

Re: about finite reaction model in fluent
From Westbrook and Dryer 1981 (email me for exact ref since I don't have it with me today),

I got for the forward reaction rate (kmol/m3-s)

kf = 3.98e14 * exp(-E/RT) [CO]^1 [H2O]^0.5 [O2]^0.25

where E = 167.36 KJ/mol.

According to recent papers the backward reaction they present causes numerical problems and several authors ommit it. I did the same, but I haven't played with this much yet but intend to soon.

ps: have you tried the standard fluent reaction model???

Unfortunately, I can't work out where Fluent get their numbers from in the propdb.scm database - does anybody know? How can we use there numbers when we don't know where they come from????????


Paal February 16, 2001 09:13

Re: about finite reaction model in fluent
It seems like the data is consistent with what is found in chemkin, some guy in Israel has an online repository that uses slightly different temperature intervals for the interpolation polynomials:



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