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Newbie February 16, 2001 11:25

Normal distance from a particle to a surface
I need to calculate the distance of a particle moving in a flow field normal to a sphere. In Gambit I defined the sphere in the center of the domain ( coordinates 0,0) so the distance could be easily calculated. I have some extrange results and I have some facts that tell me that when the grid is interpreted in fluent 5.5, the coordinates are changed. I'm really not sure, and I would like to hear of someone's experience. Also if somebody has a better Idea on how it can be done independently from the grid.

Thanks a lot


Flav February 26, 2001 13:44

Re: Normal distance from a particle to a surface
I don't think the coordinates of your grid are changed when you read it into Fluent.

You can check the domain dimensions with Grid/Scale. Should there be any kind of problem with dimensions, you would see it immediately.

To do it independently from the grid, maybe you should use a Define/CustomFieldFunction to set up some coordinates that suits your problem.

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