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David C February 16, 2001 16:15

Plot3d grids > Gambit > Fluent 5
Dear all,

I have a formated Plot3d aerofoil grid, which I need to import to Gambit1.3, and ultimately export as a *.msh to Fluent5.

Gambit has options to import Plot3d files, but comes up with error messages (i.e. could not filter input files - no nodes read from input) when I import the grid. Can anyone suggest why I may be having this problem???

Also are there any other ways of getting Plot3d grids into Fluent5???

Thank you

David February 16, 2001 17:29

Re: Plot3d grids > Gambit > Fluent 5

There is another way but it may be expensive! If you are from a uiversity then it will be a lot cheaper! Unless you have the need for a new pre processor.

The ICEM CFD pre processor can load plot 3d multiblock meshes. Then convert this to an unstructured mesh and then export a Fluent .msh file (

I hope this is some use to you and good luck.



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