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nick February 19, 2001 14:54

Solution convergence
Being pretty much an amateur when it comes to using Fluent 5 is there any body who could asdvise me on ways in which i could get my solution to converge quiker. The analysis is of a 0015 airfoil in 2-d cascade using the RNG-k-epsilon model. Re nos of up to 0.5 million.

John C. Chien February 20, 2001 00:03

Re: Solution convergence
(1). You should always try a coarse mesh solution first. (2). Something like a 30x30x30 mesh size would be a good starting point. (3). Once you have a converged solution, then you can try to get the mesh independent solution next.

Flav February 26, 2001 13:41

Re: Solution convergence
I don't know what kind of initialization you use, but once you get a converged solution, you can interpolate the data (write), and then read this data file and interpolate the solution on another mesh. If you have to carry out calculations on geometries that do not vary two much from one to another, then this is time saving for the convergence, since the solution may not vary too much.

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