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yueroo February 20, 2001 09:29

Particle Trajectory calculation when particle hit
Hi: I simulation particle flow in tube. sometimes particle will hit wall and will get bad result in particle residence time. Can anyone tell me when particle hit wall , how it to do particle trajectory calculation ? Do you have good way to solve this problem when particle hit wall?

Flav February 26, 2001 13:28

Re: Particle Trajectory calculation when particle
Once you have defined your injection of particles and ran a ParticleTrack, you can set the Wall Properties in Define/BoundaryConditions. You will be able to set a law for particles behaviour on the wall. Of course, the law used to define the rebound of particles may vary from one material to another.

yueroo February 28, 2001 05:26

Re: Particle Trajectory calculation when particle
Hi: I have set when particle hit wall,and it will rebound. But I really surprised that particle seems hit wall and it will run out off wall . I check particle・s position , It seems that particle .s mass of center will hit wall , then it will rebound . I think it is not correct . Particle will hit wall , but I think it should not to be particle .s mass of center . I think particle should hit wall when particle .s outer surface touch wall. I want get information of particle .s residence time . But this way seems will not get correct residence time, computer will calculation residence time until particle .s mass of center hit wall.

Sometimes particle will hit wall and walk along wall in low velocity with particle・s mass of center. All of above will not induce correct result ,especially in my big particle. Can you tell me some good way to improved my result .


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