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mepyl February 22, 2001 14:52

residual monitor
Dear all:

I am new user of Fluent. I'd like to know the meanings of of residual monitor when I calculate the transient problem use explict solver. Thanks

Flav February 26, 2001 13:34

Re: residual monitor
Checking the residuals values when performing a transcient calculation is very important, since it tells you whether or not each time step is correctly solved. In fact, you have to set the right number of iterations per time step, in order to reach a good level of convergence for every time step.

I reckon that you should also monitor one or several physical parameters, in order to be sure that the solution is "stabilized". Residuals value is one criteria, but if the physical properties of the flow don't have enough iterations to reach THE solution, what you get just doesn't make sense.

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