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amc February 26, 2001 11:50

Multiphase capabilities
Can anyone tell me the multiphase capabilities of fluent? Is three phase, (a non-newtonian liquid, a gas and solid particles) pipe flow modelling possible? I believe that until Fluent 6 is released, Fluent 4.5 has to be used for this type of multiphase modelling. Is this the case? Is it possible to model the different flow patterns associated with gas-liquid pipe flow (i.e. stratified, slug, annular, bubble etc.)? Any answers would be appreciated.

Newbie also March 2, 2001 00:11

Re: Multiphase capabilities
In principle the Eulerian model of fluent is k-fluid so it must be able to handle 3 phases or more, and yes, this model is only available in fluent 4.5 and will be available in fluent 6 in june 2001 ( according to the fluent engineers).

Depending on the flow you're interested, the model of choice must be different, for example if you are modeling stratified, slug or annular flow I would suggest to explore the VOF model (available in fluent 5), but if you are modeling bubble flow it's almost sure that you must use a Lagrangian approach. For the solid particles-liquid-gas I'm not sure, it must depend on the concentration of solids (granular model?) and volume fraction of the gas, and if it can be considered as a diluted liquid or not, but I'm sure there must be somebody else that can give you a better answer that I would like to hear. As you see there's no simple answer to your question.

Hope this helps

Sincerely Arturo

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