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Terry February 28, 2001 05:49

Spalart Allarmas Model

Have anyone here used such model before to solve for lift and drag of a flow over a symmetric aerofoil with ground effects problem?. Would appreciate some comments on the model and how efficient and effective it is.



Rüdiger Schwarze March 15, 2001 05:40

Re: Spalart Allarmas Model
One-equation models like the Spalart Allamaras model have only limited predictive capabilities because the turbulent length scale l_c must be specified empirically. Hence, the model can be used in quasi one-dimensional flow situations like fully developed pipe flows. But it is hard to determine l_c in two-dimensional situations, because l_c depends on the flow situation. Hence, a two-equation or reynolds-stress model should be used in this case.

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