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David C February 28, 2001 19:20

separating fluid regions

I am trying to separte a fluid region (flow around aerofoil) so I can set the flow in one region to laminar to help model transition.

How can I separate the fluid into two zones? Is this done within Fluent or to I need to return to the pre-processor?


Volker Pawlik March 7, 2001 11:52

Re: separating fluid regions
Hi David,

you can separate fluid zones inside Fluent by using the "adapt by region" tool: Method 1

1. select a region (adaption/ region adaption) 2. separate cells / by marked cells (the cells you have chosen during step 1 will be shown under 'registers')


Method 2

you create two fluid zones inside your pre-processor. This is the recommended way if you are using tetrahedral cells, since it is impossible to get a sharp separation of the two fluid zones with this type of cells by using method 1.


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