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sean March 7, 2001 02:02

gambit-merge vs. unite
Guys, do u know what is the difference between command "merge" and "unite" in Gambit?

x.tang March 7, 2001 03:42

Re: gambit-merge vs. unite
hi,sean,"unit" is that two or more faces (volumes) unit into one REAL face (volume). "merge" is that two or more faces (volumes) merge into one VIRTUAL face (volume).

sean March 7, 2001 05:04

Re: gambit-merge vs. unite
however, I saw the "real" or "virtual" option in the merge command form

Shyam Kishor March 7, 2001 12:02

Re: gambit-merge vs. unite
Real merge option is available in case of volumes. Real merge requires volumes to be connected (i.e. must have a shared face) where as real unite will work for two or more intersecting (connected/disconnected) volumes. Also, topology of the resulting volume would be different in each case.

Kai Kang March 7, 2001 13:24

Re: gambit-merge vs. unite
For the difference in topology of Merge and Unite commands, how does it affect the following meshing?

This has been confusing me awhile, too

Shyam Kishor March 7, 2001 17:49

Re: gambit-merge vs. unite
Merge deletes the shared connected face but leaves all other faces of the original volumes unchanged.

Unite may also unite other faces in addition to deleting the shared face (if any).

sean March 7, 2001 21:47

Re: gambit-merge vs. unite
For grid, are the above mentioned the only difference between "merge" and "unit"?

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