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sean March 7, 2001 23:55

GAMBIT merge and export mesh
In gambit,select solver as Fluent5. file name: test.

After split a volume into two parts, mesh each of them seperatively, then merge them(real), export mesh,

the trn file says: to GAMBIT Neutral file\tfilter fe2ram -surface -tGAMBIT >test.msh

However, as I read the mesh into FLUENT5.48(read-case), it says Error: FLUENT received fatal signal (ACCESS_VIOLATION)

I once exported the mesh before merging the two volumes,and FLUENT worked well.

Guys, help!

Flav March 8, 2001 08:11

Re: GAMBIT merge and export mesh
Before merging the 2 meshed volumes, have a look at the mesh : use the Examine Mesh panel (right-hand side, at the bottom of your screen). In the "Range" menu, you can see that there is a certain number of 3D cells. You can also display a cut to see the cells.

Now if you merge the 2 volumes, examining the mesh will tell you that there is no 3D cell any more. Only faces.

That is why Fluent does not appreciate to read a 3D mesh, which is only a skin mesh (2D cells).

sean March 8, 2001 08:18

Re: GAMBIT merge and export mesh
Then what shall I do?

Flav March 8, 2001 08:33

Re: GAMBIT merge and export mesh
Start meshing only when your geometry modifications are done.

sean March 8, 2001 08:50

Re: GAMBIT merge and export mesh
Flav, What shall I modify the geometry?

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