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Xu.j.z March 8, 2001 20:18

How many RAM need to be Used?

Who can tell me how many RAM need to be used in simulating turbomachinery flow per 100,000 cells?


John C. Chien March 8, 2001 22:58

Re: How many RAM need to be Used?
(1). There was a general formula used for some commercial codes mentioned here sometimes ago. That is one Meg Bytes of RAM for one K cells. So, in your case, it would take 100 Meg Bytes of RAM. (2). That is only an estimate. In reality, it depends on the methods you use and also the complexity of the physics. (3). You also need to include the RAM for the system part of the software in order to get it running on the computer. (4). 100,000 cells is good for a 2-D problem. For 3-D, it is not adequate in most cases anyway. (5). A 512 Meg RAM machine would be minimum. You should try to get one Giga Bytes RAM for 3-D problem.

Jin-Wook LEE March 12, 2001 00:55

Re: How many RAM need to be Used?
John's comment(1 Kbyte per one cell) is, I think, very good estimation for general case. However, for the ONLY FLOW simulation by Fluent, '1 Kbyte per one cell' is enough estimation for Fluent(I guess you are using Fluent because this is Fluent user forum).

My team engineer has an experience for the simulation of one million cell by 512Mbyte computer. We have six Our variables(p,u,v,w,k,e).

Sincerely, Jinwook

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