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Jack Keays March 12, 2001 08:20

Scaling in Gambit.
Hi ,

Can anyone tell me how I can scale a volume in only one dimension. In other words, if I have a 3D model and I simply want to reduce its height ( say, z coordinate), how can I do this in Gambit? I have tried the scaling menu and changed just the Z-scaling parameter to 0.3 and I get the whole model scaling by 0.3...not what I want! I hope I have explained myself well. thanks.

Jin-Wook LEE March 12, 2001 23:58

Re: Scaling in Gambit.
As far as I know, it is impossible in Gambit. You can do it in the Fluent(solver).

Sincerely, Jinwook

Jack Keays March 13, 2001 12:37

Re: Scaling in Gambit.
Um, o.k. that should do the job, but can I do it for individual volumes/domains in Fluent??

Thanks for your help.

Jin-Wook LEE March 15, 2001 06:05

Re: Scaling in Gambit.
Unfornatunately, you can't.

Sincerely, Jinwook

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