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Ramesh K March 14, 2001 02:13

In my problem, solid particles are injected into the 3D jet and would like to incorporate latent heat of melting to the particles. For this, it is needed to use DEFINE_DPM_LAW. But, i am facing problems in doing it. I do not understand how to communicate with source code to include the heat transfer to the particles. That is, by using which Macro in the DEFINE_DPM_LAW macro, it is possible to communicate with the source code to include "latent heat of melting".

Thanks in Advance, Ramesh.

Rüdiger Schwarze March 15, 2001 04:45

DPM_LATENT_HEAT(p) is the particle material latent heat.

Ramesh K March 16, 2001 02:45

Hi Schwarze,

Thank you for the response. My qusetion is how to include the laten heat of melting (not laten heat of vaporization) to the particle energy equation via the DEFINE_DPM_LAW. In the enegry equation for droplet, the energy equation is (m cp.dT/dt = h.A.dT + dmp/dt.Hfg). But, I want to include the additional term (mp.Hsf) where Hsf is the latent heat of metling as my injected particles are solid.

Any help will he greately appreciated,

Thank you and Regards, Remesh.

Ramesh K March 18, 2001 21:53

(Please Help!!!!): DEFINE_DPM_LAW
Dear Fluent 5 users, I am in dire need to write the UDF. Please help me!!!! Any example UDF using DEFINE_DPM_LAW will be of much help. Please help!!!!!!

Regards, Remesh.

shery March 21, 2001 17:39

Hi Ramesh: I'm not sure if I understand your problem.I think you want to add a term to your energy equation is that right? as far as I know the energy equation used in Fluent is: MpCpdTp/dt=convection +radiation to add latent heat to your equation simply include the "energy equation + the latent heat" in you to look at the heat transfer to particles turn off the default method which is Inert-heating and use your own code. I hope it helps shery

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