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bouca March 16, 2001 16:03

Flow visualisation
I want to check whether the flow over the airfoil is sepalated or not. I'm using streamfunction and set level 50, but I think it's not enough to check. If the software has the function that I can enlarge one specified point i.e. the trailing edge, could anybody tell me how to do it. Or anybody knows the another way to check it? Thanks,


John C. Chien March 16, 2001 16:45

Re: Flow visualisation
(1). Plot the skin friction distribution. (2). If the value is always positive, then the flow is attached. (3). Flow separation occurs when the skin friction goes to zero and becomes negative. (4). This is the only way to check the flow separation. (5). For 2-D, it is rather easy, for 3-D, there are several types of flow separation. In that case, you need to look at the limiting velocity vector distribution next to the wall.

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