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Ashutosh March 19, 2001 00:12

Energy convergence
I have a conjugate heat transfer problem where the thermal conductivity of the materials is very different ( 0.1 W/m-K to 50000W/m-K). Will these values create problem in energy convergence? If yes, what solution parameter settings can remove it.


Martin March 23, 2001 06:25

Re: Energy convergence
Hi Ashutosh. I'm currently investigating a problem maybe similar to yours and have experienced problems with the convergence of the thermal solution. I'm modelling heat transfer inside an electrical machine. Several parts, such as laminated rotor cores or insulated copper windings, have layers of insulation with low conductivity (0.3W/mK) between steel (30W/mK) or copper (400W/mK). So I have to model anisotropic conductivity (or orthotropic) if I don't want to model all the thin layers separately. So far I have had severe troubles to decrease the conductivity to less than 30-40% of conductivity in other two directions. I'm expecting Fluent Europe to get back to me on this.

Regards, Martin

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