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sean March 20, 2001 03:09

genete "two-sided wall"
I'm using GAMBIT1.3 and FLUENT5.48. A part of my model involves heat transfer between a fluid and a solid. I model and mesh them respectively.

"FLUENT manual" refers the "two-sided wall". Does somebody know how to generate two-sided wall? Must I generate the two-sided wall?


Volker Pawlik March 21, 2001 03:27

Re: genete "two-sided wall"

just define the bounds between fluid and solid as walls inside GAMBIT. Fluent will generate those "two sided walls" during its grid building process. You will get e.g. a wall-1 and a wall-shadow-1. Both are coupled. One side is directed to the solid the other to the fluid. Which one is directed where, can be seen inside the bc definition panel (adjacent cell zone).


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