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Jurek March 21, 2001 12:51


I want to write pathlines into a file. Is this possible or do you know a way to give out the pathline-cordinates and other quantities on the pathline such as pressure, temperature ...?

Thank you

Volker Pawlik March 23, 2001 09:01

Re: Pathlines

I think it should work with Particle tracking with particles of nearly zero density but not with pathlines. You can write a step by step report with the coordinates of the instantaneous locations of the particles.


Jurek March 24, 2001 14:43

Re: Pathlines
I also thought about this but wasn't sure, if the results are really the same (they should, but are they ?)

Volker Pawlik March 26, 2001 02:27

Re: Pathlines
I think it should! But I cannot guarantee it.

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