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sean March 23, 2001 09:01

2d,2ddp,3d,or 3ddp
Is there somebody who know the difference among 2d,2ddp,3d, and 3ddp, which appear for one to choose when FLUENT5.48 is loaded?

Clinton Lafferty March 23, 2001 12:39

Re: 2d,2ddp,3d,or 3ddp
2d - two-dimensional solver

3d - three " "

2ddp - two-dimensional double precs. solver

3ddp - three " " " "

Typically (for Unix), I specify in the startup line which one I want to use.

fluent 3d -other options

Anthony Wachs March 26, 2001 07:19

Re: 2d,2ddp,3d,or 3ddp
The last two caracters "dp" mean "double precision" Nearly all workstations are currently able to perform calculations in double precision. Thus, for accuracy purposes, you'd better to specify always "dp" when you are using Fluent.


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