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rakib March 25, 2001 01:39

Gas Dispersion in Water Column
We have a system of a jet of gas bubbling through a liquid column. Which version of multiphase model is most appropriate? Am I correct in assuming that the VOF model should not be used and we should better use the ASM model? Another related query is that how do you compare Fluent 5.4 and Fluent 4.5 in solving such problems? Any suggestion is welcome.

eric olmos March 27, 2001 03:24

Re: Gas Dispersion in Water Column
I think that you'd better use the ASM model even if this one has proved its limits. The vof is reserved for single bubbles and is not appropriated for gas plumes. The better you'll find is the Euler-Euler model from Fluent 4.5


rakib March 27, 2001 06:28

Re: Gas Dispersion in Water Column
Eric, you talked of the limits of the ASM model. Please tell me what they are VOF. Is it anything else other than convergence?

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