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Kamal March 28, 2001 04:52

array in UDF
Hi everybody, in my UDF i use the following piece of code: #include "udf.h" #define N 20

double AG[N][N]; DEFINE_PROFILE(flux_surf,t,nv) {

int i,j;


for(j=0;j<N;j++) AG[j][i] = 0.0; } it is interpreted whitout problem, but when initializing, i receive this message: Chip: invalid opcode 0: pc=480 and other times the FATAL ERROR!!! 1)tatat tititi 2)batata bititi 3).... 4).... this came when initializing my array: i made several "printf()" in the code , and it stoped at this moment. please help me: how can i have my array initialized? i noticed that malloc didn't work for global variables! thanks

gera November 7, 2013 02:15


did you solve this problem?

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