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JJ March 29, 2001 06:51

Deflection observed, Why?

I'm currently trying to model the dispersion pattern of a buoyant plume rising vertically from the sea floor under the effect of currents.

I noticed that the dispersion pattern at the surface is not symmetrical about the centreline, tending to deflect to one of the symmetry plane. (my comp domain is rectangular with upstream and downstream defined as vel-inlet and p-outlet resp. The sides and top surface were defined as sym boundaries. Bottom is wall.)

Anybody knows what is the cause of the deflection, and any way of removing/improving the results? Does changing the grids help? Please help, Thanx!

Cheers JJ

Scott W March 30, 2001 12:30

Re: Deflection observed, Why?
I've seen that problem before, and I corrected it with a finer grid at the symmetry boundary.

JJ March 31, 2001 02:55

Re: Deflection observed, Why?
Hi Scott,

Thanx for the reply...really appreciate it. When u mention a finer frid at the symmetry boundary, do u mean at the symmetry face itself or the region near the symmetry plane? Should be the latter rite? May I ask also, how fine was the grid u adopted? Thanx again.

Cheers JJ

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