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cml March 30, 2001 02:51

How to make animation??
I am doing a unsteady problem.I want to do animation to view the whole process.But I always fail.

Who can help me ? Thank you.

Mika March 30, 2001 07:41

Re: How to make animation??

I have been working on this problem for almost one wwek, it's difficult to study transient problems with fluent, since it's impossible to load several data files. However, several tips exists to help you:

(1) Write a batch file for your system and a journal file for fluent. the postprocessing is then long, because you need to open and close fluent for each file.

(2) write a scheme file, it's exactly the same process in (1) but you don't have to quit fluent, so it's faster (maybe the fastest)

(3) write a program which creates a long long long journal file with all the commands you have to do and which calls all the files you have to study.

I'm not sure that my explanations are very good, however if i succeed in making work my scheme program to do that i'll send on the ftp server of the forum

Good luck


PS: So, if someone wants to help me see my next message

Jonas Larsson March 30, 2001 08:59

Re: How to make animation??
In case you have missed it - generating animations was discussed a lot before on this forum - search for "movies" using the main search tool (top right corner) and you'll find more info.

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