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Li li April 1, 2001 21:03

boundary condition

Could anyone tell me how to set the inlet velocity boundary with a variable inflow velocity(ex.the developed flow)? There is only the constant item on the menu.

Thanks a lot!


Harry Qiu April 2, 2001 06:21

Re: boundary condition

John Wait April 2, 2001 13:42

Re: boundary condition
You have to use a UDF if your BC is very complex, but I hope you like programming in a C based language.

If you just have a time based or periodic profile that does not change as a function of the geometry (IE like in the radial direction) you can use a profile. Define an SI based profile as a function of time, read it from the TUI using the File Read-Transient-Table, then when you go to the Velocity Inlet BC pulldown arrow, you will be able to select your profile rather than the constant.

The Fluent Users Center has more details - get yourself a password if you don't have one already.


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