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Greg Perkins April 2, 2001 03:03

Debugging Udfs in Fluent 5.x
Has anybody used a debugger to help them debug their udfs when Fluent is running??

I'm sick of getting floating point errors and no information on which line of my source code produced them!

If you look in the fluent script file /Fluent.Inc/bin/fluent (?) you'll see options for debugging, eg. the environment CLIENT_DEBUG etc. I haven't yet succeeded to get debugging going and of course Fluent Inc. once again haven't documented what these options do and how to use them!!!

So if anybody has succeeded using their udfs with a debugger under any of the following platforms - WIN NT/2000, HP-UX, SGI irix or IBM AIX - please let me know!



ps: can somebody please answer my questions (this one or ones from last week) for a change!

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